Pebble Time 韌體更新 3.9

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Pebble Time 韌體更新 3.9

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Pebble Time 韌體更新 3.9 出來了

Pebble Time Firmware 3.9 Release Notes

Pebble Health tracking is now more accurate and can show distance in kilometers. Toggle settings from the Pebble Time smartphone app.
Support for apps and watchfaces showing activity data from the Pebble Health API.
Incoming MMS messages now show descriptive icons and any text included.
Speed improvements for Pebble Time and Time Steel, including snappier animations from Pebble Time Round.
Improved Watch-Only Mode: keep your Pebble functioning as a watch for a few more hours when the battery is critically low. Alarms, the backlight, and softer vibration remain while Bluetooth and activity tracking shut off to save power.
Improved low battery warnings based on time left with power instead of percentage remaining.
Ура, дождались! Cyrillic characters are now supported in notifications and alerts. Enable from the Pebble Time smartphone app: Menu » Settings » Watch Language » Selected Language.
Under-the-hood fixes and stability improvements.
To update to the latest firmware, select Menu » Support » Update Your Pebble from the Pebble Time smartphone app.

Release Notes for Developer

Resolved confusion caused by manipulating the window stack while it is animating.
Fixed a crash when enabling text pagination on aplite.
Improved the reliability of smartstrap communication when the system is busy.
Fixed calendar pins sometimes omitting the location on aplite.
Reduced the memory overhead for PNG decompression to 1152 bytes (plus space for both the compressed and decompressed versions of the image).
Fixed an issue causing "call back" on missed call pins on iOS to not actually call back.
Fixed an issue causing sleep graphs to not be drawn at all on the deep sleep screen in the Health app unless there was deep sleep to display.
Multiple timezone fixes, including Uruguay and Cancun.
Made system watchface transitions snappier on Pebble Time.
Redesigned the watch-only mode watchface.
Changed the low-battery percentage warnings to time estimates.
Added U+1F3B5 MUSICAL NOTE and U+1F381 WRAPPED PRESENT to the notification font.
Added an indicator of picture notifications on iOS.
Redesigned Tic-Toc on the Rose Gold Pebble Time Round.
Moved the hands on Tic-Toc on Pebble Time Round one pixel to the left.
Assorted health tracking improvements.
Assorted stability improvements.
Assorted localization improvements.
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